The Karukella Holiday House is a family business of Jaanus and Terje Rattur, who pooled their efforts together, and thus this project was born.

Terje launched the Saka Cliff hotel and administered it 8 years. Then she started as an entrepreneur and, through his company Tertur OÜ, she consulted several tourism companies in the fields of management and marketing. The major projects include start-up support for Kivioli Adventure Centre, Kuru Villa, Toila Valgevilla, and so on. At the moment Terje is a member of the management board of the Mäetaguse manor (fixed-term contract till the end of 2019).

Jaanus boasts a design and engineering experience that has greatly contributed to the success of the project. The experience in the metalworking company E-Profiil as production manager, in the Enefit 280 as project manager for the oil plant, and today as a member of the board of Enefit Energy triggered the idea of an energy-efficient smart house.

It’s a pity, but the original image of this photo has not been preserved, there is only a copy of a copy, but it still gives an idea of ​​how we were posing on the newly purchased plot in 2013. Today there is a house in the background already :)