Karukella Holiday House is a new accommodation in Ida-Viru County. The completion date is July 2019. The holiday house is located in the heart of Lüganuse small borough in Papli Street. The Karukella plot is lined up by the street, leading to the church on the one side, and the Purtse River on the other.

The house is suitable for renting by a group of friends for a common holiday, be it winter cross-country skiing at the Kiviõli Seikluskeskuses or  discovering Ida-Virumaa in summer. In spring and autumn, we are looking for companies that plan to arrange team days for smaller companies or hold work meetings.

The owners wanted from the beginning to build a holiday house made of laminated logs, because it is energy efficient, breathable and natural. The right offer was made by Finnlog.

You will have access to a 2-storey cottage with a kitchenette, dining room and living room, a Finnish sauna, shower room and toilet on the ground floor. The hallway is spacious and separated from the dwellings by a soundproof door, the staircase leads to the 2nd floor with 5 bedrooms. A house is rented out as a whole.

The sauna door opens in the evening and there is a terrace encircling almost the entire house with the integrated barrel, which is 2 m in diameter, and a lid.

But why is the cottage called Karukella, which means pasqueflower in Estonian? The answer is here:

  • Firstly, Lüganuse where Karukella plot is situated is a real fairy-tale area
  • Secondly, the parish centre has left a lot of folklore in stories, traditions, proverbs and crafts. Pasqueflower was embroidered by our ancestors on the folk costumes of the Lüganuse parish. This is the most average flower.
  • Thirdly, the so-called home beach is 8 km away in Liimala in spring is full of beautiful pasqueflowers
  • And, finally, the word “Karukell” sounds so nice!

The construction of the holiday house was supported by ARIB through the Virumaa Cooperation Group.