A couple of years ago, Terje hosted Lüganuse Loomekastelli, which offered exciting creative activities to members of the local community. As a result of three-year-activity, more than 300 people attended various workshops in the Lüganuse community house as well as the Püssi club, of which about one hundred were unique participants. It was also a pleasure to conclude that not only the people of Lüganuse rural municipality took part in the workshops, but also the interested ones from the neighbouring municipalities of Jõhvi, Toila, Mäetaguse, Iisaku, Rägavere, Aseri, Kohtla-Järve and Kohtla-Nõmme.

At the Karukella Holiday House, offering the services that the hostess has experienced and mediated through the Loomekastelli is possible. “I am sure that the opportunity to demonstrate some of my work or family gatherings in some great workshops will give us the reason to come to Karukella and add value to Ida-Viru guests,” – says Terje.


How could you celebrate your own birthday or birthday of your friend-relative (as well as any other anniversary or gathering) memorably and interestingly? The Karukella Holiday House offers you a choice of cool and comfy activities – everything has been tried and tested. Frankly, they work perfectly:

Tasty workshops:

Body pampering:

All prices are accounted for groups of 10, so ask for an offer for a particular group.